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Adventure Medical Kit- Backpacker
Adventure Medical Kit- Backpacker

Adventure Medical Kit- Backpacker

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Adventure Medical Kits Mountain-Series Backpacker kit is made for a 2 outdoor explorers on a 4-day foray into the wilderness. It has remedies for cuts, allergies, upset stomach and dehydration.

Supplies organized into injury-specific pockets
  • External kit map helps you find important supplies
  • Reflective material covers whole pack to spot in the dark
  • See-through pockets protect items from dirt while allowing for easy access; zippers hold items in.
  • 5 x 9 trauma pad and elastic bandage help stop bleeding fast
  • Includes medications for allergic reactions, itches, pain and fever, inflammation and diarrhea
  • Hospital-quality tools include EMT shears and precision forceps for efficient and effective backcountry medical care
  • 20 cc. irrigation syringe with a 16-gauge plastic tip cleans wounds, butterfly closure strips close wound edges, and tincture of benzoin increases adhesiveness of strips/tape
  • 14 precut, shaped moleskin pieces make it easy to prevent and treat hot spots and blisters; alcohol pads remove oils from skin for better adherence of tape and moleskin
  • Wilderness medicine guide offers up-to-date information on wilderness and travel medicine in a concise and compact format
  • Super-durable nylon bag with darting provides extra space inside the kit for your own items

The Easy Care organization system organizes contents by injury into clearly-labeled pocket
  • Includes an irrigation syringe, butterfly bandages, tincture of benzoin, and a variety of dressings
  • Stop bleeding quickly with a large trauma pad to control bleeds from severe falls
  • Manage fevers, stomach aches, pain, and allergies until medical help can be reached
  • Stop blisters before they start with moleskin