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Escape PRO Bivvy

Escape PRO Bivvy

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The Escape™ Pro Bivvy revolutionary material provides dry, warm comfort you can trust.

Engineered to be breathable, waterproof and heat reflective ... the Escape™ Pro lets condensation  escape while keeping the elements locked out and the heat in. 

Use it as a protective barrier for your sleeping bag and add warmth by reflecting 90% of your body's heat back to you. On evenings above 10°C, leave your sleeping bag at home and travel ultra-light ... at only 227g and with its compact design, it's one little bivvy you can depend on!

90% Heat Reflective:  Stay warm AND dry in the original back-country emergency shelter that stays dry while you heat up

Dynamic Breathability:  As humidity in the bivvy increases, the bivvy becomes more breathable and maintains its waterproofness

Seam Taped:  100% waterproof seams and material to keep you dry during those damp nights in the back-county

Comfort Zones:
Bivvy with Sleeping Bag   -17°C to 10°C
Bivvy Alone   10°C to 26°C

Size: 213 x 78cm
Weight: 227g

The Escape™ Pro Bivvy is a great choice for outdoor/adventure multi-day trips, ultra-light weight hiking and emergency situations ... Expect the Unexpected!