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Seahorse Cases - SE120
Seahorse Cases - SE120

Seahorse Cases - SE120

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The Neoprene perimeter O-Ring seal makes Seahorse Cases completely waterproof and airtight. SE Series cases are guaranteed waterproof to meet and exceed IP67 rating. Seahorse Cases are regularly subjected to a 24-hour submersion test to meet this requirement


Seahorse Cases are entirely made of plastic. There is no metal that can rust and undermine the properties of our cases. Our cases can safely be exposed and submerged in salt water or left in the rain. We do not use metal pins for the hinges, latches and handles. The pins are made of Acetyl resin which offers excellent lubricity and will not be affected by temperature extremes


Manufactured to exceed MIL STD’s of 400 Lbs stacking, drop test at 48″ and their humidity test of 95% at 120°F. Our cases pass the 100% humidity test (underwater).


Seahorse Cases are truly airtight. The airtight properties make it nearly impossible to open without relieving the interior vacuum that is created when experiencing changes in altitude and temperature. We have a Pressure Relief Purge Valve incorporated under one the latches with its own O-Ring to guarantee a perfect seal. You will never forget to set the valve since it is automatically applied when closing your case. The pressure is relieved as soon as you open the latch. The location of the Purge Valve allows for it to function even when utilizing a waterproof panel kit. This feature is critical when considering the use of these panels for mounting instrumentation.


Each case has 2 padlock holes so you can safely lock up your valuables. They will accept standard padlocks and we leave enough room so you can easily lock and unlock them. The SE300 model will also accommodate a nut and bolt for locking. A nut shape is moulded underneath the padlock holes for one hand installation. This feature is very useful when shipping a case or checking in with an airline to guarantee your case stays shut without having to use a dangling padlock that could snag on conveying equipment.


Seahorse Cases are moulded with Polypropylene and offer excellent chemical resistance to oils, fuels and solvents.


To prevent dry rot when left in the sun for extended periods of time, the properties of the resins and colour pigments are UV resistant.

18.54cm (W)
20.32cm (L)
8.20cm (H)

22.09cm (W)
18.92 (L)
9.90cm (H)